Paul Ertel & Associates
Right Choice Realty Group LLC

“I had previously worked with a different agent and really struggled with communication, determining the correct price, getting visibility to my home, etc. Paul and his team did an amazing job in all of these areas. They helped me determine what I should do to have the best chance selling my home. The first time I met Paul I learned he had already done a lot of homework and brought documentation comparing other similar homes in the area and his listing/selling prices so he could recommend what my price needed to be. He took a lot of professional quality photos of my home and made a very professional listing. When we listed the home everything went very smoothly and quickly and I started seeing showings almost right away. Throughout the entire process Paul and his team kept in touch letting me know what was going on and what to expect next. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

“Paul and his team work very hard and are great at what they do. They are very personable, and you can tell they truly care about you and the people buying your house. They made sure that selling our house was a great experience for everyone. They keep up with all of the current technology and trends. I was very impressed with their strategies, knowledge, and expertise.”
~Alex and Katelyn

“We have bought and sold 5 of our homes over the years and Paul was the best we have worked with. Paul knows the market and will work with you in every aspect of the sell. I phoned and texted him numerous times with questions and he was always responsive. There was never a time when he did not have time for us and answer any questions and help in any way. You won't find a better Realtor to work with.”
~Norman and Michele

“Very Professional & knowledgeable in the use of internet marketing; very friendly service, always quick to get back with information or assistance. Seemed to look out for our interests as the Seller. We had lots of action to the wonderfully produced materials used to market our home. These flyers did the in our gated community we were not allowed to put up signs of any kind. Paul and his team treated us with respect and kindness and kept us informed with lots of feedback after each showing. They never made us feel like we needed to lower our price for a quick sale.”
~Buz and Linda

“Paul came out and explained everything we needed to do and to expect after we had a showing. He did a great job and worked well with us. Thank you Paul you did a great job for us.”
~Don and Kathy

Paul and his team were great to work with. They put our home on the market and within hours we had a full price offer! This was after our house sat for 22 days "for sale by owner". They sold it fast and efficiently, we had 0 hick ups in the whole process. I highly recommend Paul and his team.
~Zak & Tessla

Paul and his team were very comprehensive in marketing our home. They never failed to keep us informed in all phases of the selling process and returned any phone call immediately. That's hard to find in today's business ethics. Communication is the key -- and Paul Ertel conscientiously realizes that fact.
~Lonnie & Dan